Our Family is HUGE. Meet the STANG Mag Board of Directors

Daniel Ramey, Editor-In-Chief

"I started STANG Magazine with one goal in mind... to have fun"

Kaitlyn Ramey, Executive Director

"I absolutely love being a Mustang owner and being a part of this STANG Magazine family"

Chuck DeKett, Creative Director

"Members of the STANG Mag family are more passionate about fun and inclusion than they are their cars and that says a lot"

Anita Everett, HR Director

"It is all about the ride and who you share it with. STANG Mag people are family"

TJ Perry, SR Director

"Pedal to the metal! Both in life and behind the wheel"

Tim Perry, Analytics Director

"STANG Mag goes everywhere, does everything, and includes everyone. Road trips are the best"

Scott Bieber, History and Research Director

"I couldn't ask for a better group of family and friends to share Mustang culture with"

Mark Dennis, STANG SEMA Relations Director

"I've been with STANG Mag from the start and it has been a blast every step of the way"

Rayn Hoch, Charitable Contributions Director

"The Mustangs are amazing but the people are even better"

Robert Moorman, Northeast Operations Director

"We always have fun. Period"

Jeff Dixon, Southeast Operations Director

"STANG Mag is nothing but awesome"

Don Houston, Midwest Operations Director

"I'm proud to be a part of STANG Magazine and proud to show others what it is all about"

Ingo Rutenberg, Canadian Operations Director

"STANG Mag knows how to have fun and better yet, makes sure you have fun"

Dawn Rutenberg, Canadian Operations Director

"STANG Magazine is family focused and that is very important"

Doug Smith, Marketing Director

"We want you to feel welcome, have fun, and be proud to be a Mustang owner"

Joyce Galanti, Marketing Director

"I have never experienced so many adventures or the closeness between people who are not family by birth but family by choice"

Laura Mattern, Social Events Director

"STANG loves Mustangs and we all have them. None of our Mustangs gallop, they all fly"

Tija Moyer, Social Events Director

"Everyone in STANG is family. No matter where you are, you are family to us"

Dave Moyer, Social Events Director

"STANG Mag events are unique and fun; unlike boring, sit on your ass, car show events"

Brad Peterson, Social Events Director

"If you own a Mustang, you know why we love cruising together"

Michelle Van Sickler, Social Events Director

"I love being a part of STANG Magazine. They are all family to me"

Mark Ide, Cruise Events Director

"STANG Mag is all about the love of the Mustang. Doesn't matter what year or what kind you own, once you're in you are family"

Laura Ide, Cruise Events Director

"Drive, laugh, and go on adventures. That's all you need to do"

Joerg Werner, Cruise Events Director

"I cruise everywhere with STANG Mag and have fun no matter where we go"

Nick Bieber, Social Media Director

"The events that STANG Mag puts on are some of the most relaxing and fun Mustang events I've been to"

Michael Everett, Social Media Director

"STANG Magazine is all about the ride, but more importantly, it's about the family we enjoy it with"

Lisa Cook, Social Media Director

"I've been to every STANG Mag event and have never stopped having fun"

Roberto Marty, Midwest Operations Director

"Live every moment to the fullest because you'll never get to relive it"

Janie Cantu, Midwest Operations Director

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it"