Frequently Asked Questions

Let Us Answer Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

Is STANG Mag a Real Magazine?

Yes. For the dumbest question out there... YES we are a REAL magazine. We have a website, social media sites, and PRINTED copies. Real magazines do not need to be found in stores to be successful. Remember COVID? How many people even go to stores anymore?

Does STANG Mag do paid subscriptions?

No. Remember the Mag purge of 2019? Paid subscriptions FAIL. If you want a printed copy of an issue, get your name on the list when we submit orders each month. With the caliber and quality of our new prints, you couldn't afford a yearly subscription anyway.

How do I get my Mustang featured?

It is easy, send an email to DANPRAMEY@YAHOO.COM. You can also click on the INFO tab at the top of the page and read up on the easy process. We want ALL Mustangs and their stories. We do NOT cater to spoiled ass lime lighters who are just trying to get into every mag on the planet.

How do I order an Article Plaque?

Send an email to the Editor - Daniel Ramey, DANPRAMEY@YAHOO.COM, and he will hook you up. Our Article Plaques are the best of the best. They are printed on brushed aluminum, glossed, and put on marble looking backing. They are $95 and that includes shipping within the United States. The only way to order is to contact Daniel directly through email. If anyone calls you, it is not us. Those would be the scammers that your mother warned you about!

How do I order STANG Swag?

All swag can be ordered through our Editor-In-Chief and he will walk you through every step of the process. Email

This includes
Article Plaques, Dash Plaques, STANG Clothing, Mustang Trading Cards, Vinyls, and tons of other unique swag.

Where is STANG Mag HQ located?

We can't tell you that. Let's just say somewhere in Pennsylvania.

How can I view every issue?

If you are on this website, there are tabs at the top and links to our online platform on just about every page. LOOK CLOSER.