Twisted Bombshell has been LAUNCHED! Join the Fight! Support our Troops!

So a lot of people see my posts regarding STANG, Locked & Loaded, and Twisted Bombshell but not many people actually know what I do for a career or what I have done with my career. Let me wrap it up with a few quick titles and you will get the idea - Prison Psychologist, Military Psychologist, State Parole Agent. Let's just say I've been around the block working with the prison system, military, and now law enforcement all while pursuing and developing my passion through the STANG organization and its programs. There is a reason why many of the STANG projects have been focused on Law Enforcement and Military. The latest launch "Twisted Bombshell" is focused specifically on our military and the first project under that umbrella that I am launching is called "Patches for Patriots". Let me explain why.

Here is where my psychologist background comes into play. Within the past decade, specifically within the past few years, research has shown that connecting with active and deployed military as well as Veterans has reduced their negative mental health symptoms considerably. Unfortunately, the research has been focused on a "reactive" approach meaning that there has been programs where connecting with soldiers has been only AFTER being hospitalized or attending outpatient therapy. One such pilot program was the "Caring Letters" approach where programs would send letters as a follow up to soldiers to continue their support. This research has shown that it has made tremendous impact in the overall mental health of these soldiers.

Here is the problem with that "reactive" approach... we CAN NOT wait until AFTER a soldier is already to a point of hospitalization or self harm to lend a supporting hand. They need it BEFORE they get to that point and our "Patches for Patriots" project focuses on a PROACTIVE approach. Our goal is to reach out to these active and deployed soldiers and Veterans, NOW and not later, letting them know they are supported, loved, and honored BEFORE they even get to a point of absolute dismay.

My goal is simple. Reach as many soldiers as possible through something simple, yet influential. You know as well as I do of that special feeling you get when a hand written envelope arrives in the mail. It is not a bill or some soliciting mailed garbage. When you get a personal letter and gift in the mail it automatically makes you feel warm and squishy inside. Let's just say our soldiers that are deployed and our Veterans that are home all around us NEED that feeling MORE than anyone on this planet. I have worked with and helped thousands of people in my life and the bottom line remains... WE ALL NEED SUPPORT, LOVE, AND ENCOURAGEMENT. We all need a reminder of who we are, where we are from, and a push to keep moving forward.

Not only is our goal to send as many personal letters addressing this to our soldiers and Veterans but to provide them something extra. The icing on the cake if you will... We want to provide our soldiers and Veterans with a symbolic gift (a patch) of gratitude and respect to help them remember that they are not alone and they have the support and love, even from afar. A letter may not cut it because we often stow away our mail or they get lost in the sauce. But a patch that they can hang, hold, or even wear will be a constant reminder of our love for them. "Patches for Patriots" is our way to make that PROACTIVE connection and to build that foundation needed for everlasting change.

So here's the question? Who will join us in this fight? I will bet everything that someone in your family was in military or law enforcement or has been associated with the mental health system in one way or another. We all have been touched by global events and daily stressors. My motto has been to do at least one good deed a day. Well, here is where it starts with you.

Donate $10 for a "Patches for Patriots" letter and patch and let us send it to your designated person, or let us just send it on your behalf to someone who needs it the most. You will never know how that simple letter could make all the difference in the lives of those who deserve everything we can offer.

Join the Fight! Support Our Troops!

Twisted Bombshell is an approved 501c3 non profit charity as well as are all the other STANG projects. All of the funds are used to pay for patches, envelopes, letters, and ongoing outreach events that we have planned to continue our networking with military organizations and establishments. You can make large donations that are tax deductible. In fact, I literally just educated myself on writing requests for grants and other avenues of funding to support this mission. The things you will do in your free time when you have a drive will impress even yourself.

Even if you can't donate $10 for "Patches for Patriots" or a large donation for the overall mission, you can still do your part by sharing this information and eventually it will get around to the people who need to see it.

Thank you for reading this long post and I hope the Twisted Bombshell project grows and is as successful as STANG has become in the past eight years.

Twisted Bombshell

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"Patches for Patriots"

Get a Patch & Give a Patch

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